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About Us

My Insta Bazaar: Forever Beautiful

We are an Intimate Jewellery Brand on a mission to Provide Inexpensive, Contemporary Yet Good Quality, Imitation Jewellery to all the Women out There.

If You are in the Search of Trending Jewellery than Your Search Stops here. We Pay Close Attention to market trends and Update our Stocks Accordingly. So Stay Trending with us.

Having Troubles finding the Perfect Jewellery? Leave Your troubles Behind and check out our wide Range of Jewellery Collection.



If you are the one who is getting married Soon or the one who wants to flaunt in their Cousins Wedding or just like us who do not miss any Function Just to show off their Jewellery Collection than You should not miss out on our Premium Wedding Jewellery Collection. Our Wedding Jewellery stands out from the Crowd So You will After Wearing our Jewellery

Jewellery Play an Key role on your D-Day Look, if your Jewellery is not a perfect sinc with your Wedding Outfit than it may messed up whole Bridal Look. You and We Both, Certainly don't want it to happen. To Completely overcome this Scenario Our Handpicked Jewellery Plays an Major Role.
With Our Jewellery Selection Experience, Perfect Craftsmanship, We Handpick the Bridal Jewellery of your Dreams that will Perfectly Sync With Your Outfit. Here at My Insta Bazaar, Every Jewellery is Handpicked and will Perfectly Sync With your Outfit most Certainly.

Our Premium Wedding Jewellery Collection (Bridal Jewellery) is Unique, Contemporary, Trending, Graceful, you Name it. Handpicked and Designed for True Jewellery Lovers. Our Jewellery Speak for it's Class itself.


Our American Diamond Jewellery Is Such a love, You will Definitely Fall in Love with Our AD Jewellery, Whether it's a AD Necklace, AD Earrings, AD Bangles, AD Bracelets, AD Rings et. Our American Diamond Jewellery is Certainly a Good fit for Every Occasion.

If You Love Diamond than American Diamond is Best Choice Of course After the Real Diamond. Go Through our Handpicked AD Jewellery and Find Your Perfect Match.

We are of the leading Jewellery Brand in the Indian Market, With tons of shades and choices. Check Out our Collection Now.

Dive Into our Majestic Jewellery World and Find Your Perfect Match Every time With My Insta Bazaar.

Wedding Jewellery

American Diamond Jewellery

Our Story

My Insta Bazaar Provide a whole gamut of High Quality imitation Jewellery including Necklace set, Earrings, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets, etc. at Pocket Friendly Prices.

The range of My Insta Bazaar’s Imitation Jewellery is Vast and Stunning. Come explore the beauty of Imitation Jewellery with My Insta Bazaar at Inexpensive price!

Whether it's a Wedding or Office Party or Friends Meet-up etc. You can find your Perfect Match with My Insta Bazaar. We Focus on bringing you the best Option available in the Market to Save You Time And Money Simultaneously.

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