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Bridal Jewellery

    Indian Jewelry: A Richness of Singularity

    Indian jewelry has always been a pioneer. Its distinctive style never goes out of fashion. It is enduring piece of jewelry which makes it especially likeable by women all over the globe. Each and Every piece of Indian jewelry is all-purpose. Every piece becomes unforgettable when worn with western attire.


    The simple designs and subtle colors are the amazing fusion to wear in Indian jewelry while attending a party. So make a statement with fascinating Indian jewelry.


    Types of Jewelry

    There is a lot of varieties of Indian Jewelry in the market


    Artificial Jewelry

    Artificial jewelry refers to numerous items worn for decoration that are manufacture as affordable ornamentation to match a particular outfit.


    Imitation Jewelry

    Imitation simply means copy. It is inexpensive and worn as a substitute for expensive jewelry. Imitation Jewellery looks completely same as the original expensive jewelry.


    Bridal Jewellery

    In any wedding across the globe, bride is the center of attention in every culture. It’s her extra special day. When we talk about Indian bridal jewelry, we mean huge and bulky jewelry that is lavish.


    Antique Jewelry

    It is considered antique, when jewelry is old or traditional vintage design. Antique jewelry is typically high priced and uncommon to be worn frequently. Vintage jewelry is exceptionally difficult and scarce to find. It explains why antique jewelry is expensive.


    Fashion Jewelry

    Fashion jewelry is a class of low priced items that are intended to look stylish without spending a lot of money. These are designed to perfectly sync with a costume. It is lightly plated with gold or silver to give it a more real look and is typically made of low priced metals like nickel and Alloy.


    Handmade Jewelry

    Handcrafted jewelry has a long and eminent history in India. You will find a staggering variety of handmade jewellery in India, including Kundan jewellery, Temple jewellery, Jadau jewellery etc.

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